Tony Klapsis is passionate about simplifying and streamlining building and construction projects for his clients.

Our Story

Embarking on a construction project can be a daunting prospect.

No matter what the scale of your project is, building is a time consuming, expensive process that requires commitment, effective management, and seemingly endless decisions.
You may be a first time owner-builder who’s not sure where to begin, or perhaps you’ve had a negative experience in the past and need some guidance this time around. Maybe you’re struggling with multiple projects, or you’re a seasoned developer who just doesn’t have time to manage the project as effectively as you’d like to.

Whatever your situation, Klapsis and Associates offers professional, streamlined project management services for your building and construction project. Our simple, seamless approach takes care of all the details, giving you control and clarity at every step of your project.

Tony Klapsis works personally on your behalf throughout the project, liaising closely with professional building practitioners to make sure your vision is realised – on time, on budget and according to your expectations. Tony works with you, offering his expertise and guidance from pre-planning to the day you hold your keys in your hand.

About Tony Klapsis

Tony has an intimate knowledge of the industry that has developed over years of hands-on experience. A skilled investor, developer and accredited building practitioner, Tony has managed diverse construction projects, including multiple townhouses and dwellings. He has worked as an owner-builder, Contractor, Service provider and understands the construction business from the inside out. 

His comprehensive knowledge and broad network means Tony can simplify the entire construction process, making sure your build proceeds as planned, at every step. 

Tony’s credentials include:

  • Numerous years of experience as a hands-on business owner and trades person
  • Close to a decade managing a leading industry supplier - including extensive sales and marketing experience
  • A Certified Business Coach & Mentor
  • A Diploma of Construction and accreditation as a building practitioner
Tony Klapsis

Our Services

Klapsis and Associates manages diverse projects, including new homes, renovations, commercial properties, subdivisions and multiple developments. We can work with your preferred building practitioner, or provide a recommendation from our extensive database of building professionals.

Our comprehensive range of services enables us to seamlessly manage every stage of your building project, from pre-planning through to completion.

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Our thorough planning process includes a detailed analysis of every element of your project. We invest time in this all-important stage, working closely with you to create a detailed building schedule and work plan.

Our transparent approach ensures you have full control at all times, giving you the assurance that…

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Klapsis Scheduling


At the completion of the planning stage, we create a detailed schedule for your project that covers every element of the build – from identifying suppliers and sub-contractors, to budgeting and creating an individual timeline for your project.

Our scheduling services include:

Creating a detailed work breakdown schedule (WBS) that…
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Klapsis Management


We take care of the day-to-day management of your project to make sure your build stays on track, on time and on budget – giving you full control without the need to be on site.

Our management services include:

Scheduling weekly meetings with your building practitionerMonitoring the project schedule and…
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