Our Services

Klapsis and Associates manages diverse projects, including new homes, renovations, commercial properties, subdivisions and multiple developments. We can work with your preferred building practitioner, or provide a recommendation from our extensive database of building professionals.

Our comprehensive range of services enables us to seamlessly manage every stage of your building project, from pre-planning through to completion.

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Our thorough planning process includes a detailed analysis of every element of your project. We invest time in this all-important stage, working closely with you to create a detailed building schedule and work plan.

Our transparent approach ensures you have full control at all times, giving you the assurance that your project is being professionally managed according to your wishes and expectations.

Our planning services include:

  • Working personally with you to identify and create a detailed brief for your project, that meets your expectations precisely
  • Providing you with information, guidance and understanding of the overall construction process
  • Overseeing all relevant compliance documentation
  • Creating a preliminary budget that aligns with your funding capacity
  • Assisting with the selection process for your building practitioner, designer or architect, ensuring the team that is working for you is right for your project.
Klapsis Scheduling


At the completion of the planning stage, we create a detailed schedule for your project that covers every element of the build – from identifying suppliers and sub-contractors, to budgeting and creating an individual timeline for your project.

Our scheduling services include:

  • Creating a detailed work breakdown schedule (WBS) that covers every detail of your project
  • Applying costings to each stage, according to the project specifications (we can also develop specifications if required)
  • Inputting all planning and scheduling data into our construction program
  • Producing a project timeline (Gantt chart) for each phase of construction
  • Ensuring acceptance of the schedule by your building practitioners prior to construction.
Klapsis Management


We take care of the day-to-day management of your project to make sure your build stays on track, on time and on budget – giving you full control without the need to be on site.

Our management services include:

  • Scheduling weekly meetings with your building practitioner
  • Monitoring the project schedule and budget
  • Ensuring all sub-contractors and service suppliers adhere to project timelines
  • Ensuring availability of materials and making sure orders are placed with sufficient time to avoid delays
  • Reporting to you on a weekly basis, and providing prompt communication regarding any aspects of the build that you need to action
  • Quality control and certificates for practical completion.